Why eat organic meat?

Healthy for you

There are no herbicides or pesticides residues in our meat because organic farmers don't use them. A recent study done at Bristol University has shown that exclusively grass-fed animals are higher in omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial to health and have an improved taste and texture compared to concentrate-fed animals. Along with most organic farmers we at Potto Grange Organics feed our stock almost entirely on grass .

Healthy for our animals

The permanent pasture supplies not only clover and grass but a variety of herbs giving both sheep and cattle a chance to self medicate as necessary. This results in healthy stock and means the need to use conventional medicine is rare. Organic livestock must spend most of their life outdoors. We aim to provide them with the conditions their wild ancestors would have had. We choose breeds that are adapted to the local conditions and are capable of resisting disease.

Healthy for the environment

Organic farming is better for wildlife, causes lower pollution from sprays, less CO2 and fewer dangerous wastes. Independent studies by RSPB, WWF and the governments own conservation 'Natural England' have confirmed that they are more birds, beetles, bats, butterflies, wild plants and other wildlife on organic farms. A founding principle of the Soil Association is that organic farming should cause minimum disruption to the natural environment and we strongly support this aim.